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On 3 & 4 August 2013 UKEF was present for the first time at the oldest open "Luikse" market in Wahlwiller the Netherlands. This authentic "Luikse" market, UKEF stood with their stand with the crew of permanent staff and some new volunteers. The weather was beautiful and warm, a tropical atmosphere. Two days up at 05.00 to bake, and now Mugatti's are a  the "best sellers". Thanks to Nestar, Ed, Didem, Xi and James. And a big thanks of course to the grandparents who took care off the children of Nestar and Ed.


This year for the first time UKEF attended the Summer market in Gemmenich. The weather was perfect "market weather". Also this year, many people had found the way to this famous market in the Belgian Gemmenich. The Mugatti's were sold out before the end of the market! Nestar and Ed had also this time help of a great team that completely selflessly helped and made this market a success. A big Thank you to Jo Grassere, Margret, Louise and Joel Grassere.


On Sunday, September 8th UKEF was officially announced as Charity of the Carnival Season 2013/2014 by the Association carnivals Grena Ülle in Vaals. This happened during the annual talent hunt "Ülle Got Talent" under the watchful eye of the expert jury, Guido Staps, Sven "Ohne Girls" and Clara Zoerbier the children showed their skills. During this festive afternoon Ed Grassere gave a presentation about UKEF and recieved a donation of € 111, - from the Youth Department of the Grens Ülle led by Dennis Wolf. After the presentation Clara Zoerbier went around to raise money for UKEF, what she did inhere, particular playful and fantastic manner. It was a great afternoon for the children, parents and UKEF.


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