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Social Internship in Uganda

What is a social internship?

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Social internship means that young people in secondary education do voluntary work as part of their school career.
In this way they get to know their immediate environment in a different way and they make an active contribution to society.

Basic principles of social internship:

Social internship is not mandatory. Schools decide for themselves whether they want to make a social internship part of their educational program.
A social internship consists of volunteer work for a non-profit organization (think of a care institution or voluntary organization) or a social project of a company where there is no profit motive.
The school may count a maximum of 30 hours of social internship per pupil as teaching time. This may be spread over several school years. The school is ultimately responsible and together with the internship provider, the host organization and the student, determines the content of the social internship. Social internship involves volunteering. This mainly takes place in the non-profit sector: at a voluntary organization, association, institution or social organization. Sometimes outside an organized relationship, for example by shopping for an old neighbor or helping a family that needs temporary help. Companies can also play a role in the field of corporate social responsibility. The school supervises and is ultimately responsible

The school is responsible for the social internship of its students.

Preparation and evaluation are in the hands of the school. The school also determines what is or is not suitable as a social internship. Together with the pupils, the school makes good agreements about the implementation of the social internship, including guidance.

Room for initiative schools and students

Students are more motivated when the social internship matches their interests. The social internship therefore yields more. That is why stimulating your own initiative is important. After a good explanation, students often already know where they would like to do their social internship. The pupil can come up with an internship and ask at school whether it is suitable as a social internship. An internship address is not always necessary; for example, a pupil or school can also set up a sponsoring action for a charity. If the student does not succeed in finding a social internship, then the school supports.

Creativity comes first

Volunteer in Oeganda

Everything is possible, when it comes to volunteering. It requires creativity from schools, internship providers and internship providers to offer all pupils a fun and challenging internship.

Your social internship in Uganda

We as a Dutch Foundation have a school project in the north of Uganda. Within this project we have a Kindergarten and Primary School.
In addition to training, we provide the following:
- 2 meals per day for children and staff
- Training at the level of each child
- 3 sets of clean clothes per child per week
- Shoes and socks for all children

Possibilities during your internship:

During your internship in our project in Uganda care for you are guidance, transport, meals and housing. In our project you can have a real added value both for our project and your personal development, by working in our school and living together in a family situation in the village Ayul, in province Kitgum in North Uganda.
Costs and duration of internship: We see you as the ambassador of our project in the Netherlands and try to keep costs as low as possible for you. That is why we only calculate the minimum costs and you have to pay your ticket yourself.   Preferably we see at least a group of 4 young people doing the internship in our project. This is because the costs of transport and guidance can then be divided and the costs per person are much lower. With 4 people, the total costs excl. Ticket are at +/- € 500 per person.

Duration of the internship:

Given the distance and travel duration, we recommend at least 14 days, preferably 21 days. But this can always be adjusted in consultation with us.
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