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Social internship Gwen, Joline, Anne & Floor

These toppers from the SinterMeertenCollege in Heerlen,

going from 1-2-2018 to 17-2-18 to complete their social internship in our school in Kitgum, Uganda.

Floor Anne Gwen Joline
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My name is Anne Claessens and I study at Sintermeertencollege in VWO 5. I do bilingual education. Each pupil goes on an international internship in the fifth grade to an English-speaking company or institution.

I do not yet know what I'm going to study after school, but I am certain that it is going to be a social aimed study. I want to help people. Not the medical side, but more the psychological and / or educational side. That is also the reason why I have chosen a social profile at school.

On February 1, 2018 I am going to Uganda for 18 days for an internship at the Laker International school in Kitgum.

Somehow people always pass by my who I can help in one way or another. This can be done by doing something very simple, such as listening to someone's story, an arm over the shoulder or just being there for them. I think this is my biggest reason why I want to go to the UKEF foundation.

I love helping people on an emotional level and therefore know how important it is to give and receive positive attention. For us, in Western countries, there is a lot of attention for education and training. It is important to offer young people a good basis.

By helping to improve the quality of education in Uganda I will help many children. It is not always normal for these children to learn the basic principles. Attention and development of social skills are things they might receive from home or not at all, because they often live in very large families so they do not get much attention.

At the UKEF school I will give various lessons, workshops and presentations to the students and I am going to help the teachers in the daily activities.

I love helping children and expanding their world by giving lessons, presentations and workshops.

I think it's great to work on this project. Sharing knowledge so that children, teachers and staff at the Laker International School learn from us and we learn from them.

I am calm and serene. In times of stress I maintain an overview and I keep an eye on everything. I am strong and know how to approach things. If I like something, I am very motivated. I will definitely go for it and do my best. This trip is of course a wonderful opportunity to see another part of the world. Another culture, a different society.

I am really looking forward to this experience!

Anne Claessens


I am Gwen Schielen from Klimmen.

I am 17 years old and, just like Anne, Floor and Joline, I work at 5 VWO of the Sintermeertencollege. As Anne has already explained in advance, we must take an international internship for our bilingual study.
This can be done at any international, Dutch or foreign company. However, when we got this opportunity, we knew immediately that we would grab it with both hands and make something special out of it.
Every year a Martinus day is organized at our school in honor of the patron saint of high school; Saint Martin.
On this day (11 November) several creative activities will be undertaken to raise as much money as possible for the good causes that our school supports. For example, a sponsored run is organized annually, after which you can relax in the auditorium with stalls.
Because mrs. Nestar Okella Lakot always faithfully represents her foundation at our school on this day with her delicious cookies and beautiful jewelry, we came into contact with UKEF.
We were explained in smells and colors what the foundation stood for and I became more and more enthusiastic.
It means so much to support a fellow man. What makes it extra special is that especially poor, Ugandan children can benefit from this. After all, children are the future of the country.
Instead of doing work to support their families, the children now also have the chance to be children. Because the foundation makes it possible for them to go to school, the future of the country is always more beautiful and the chances of the small Ugandans are always greater. That is why I feel very honored that we have been given the opportunity to follow our international internship at this beautiful foundation.

I can not wait to support UKEF in their impressive project.

Gwen Schielen

My name is Joline van Wegen, I am 17 years old and currently living in Nuth. This year I am doing the fifth year of VWO bilingual education. As already mentioned by Anne and Gwen, I also came into contact with UKEF through Sintermeertencollege and the information Nestar provided us with.

Last year I made a impressive trip to Guatemala, after this experience it became clear to me that I wanted to experience more adventures like this one. The most special thing about traveling is meeting the children, in spite of the clear difference in culture you can create a special and profound connection with them. I noticed that, despite the language barrier, I could mean something to them and they impressed me on their turn. This feeling was so enriching that I just want to relive it over and over again. For me there is no greater feeling, than the happiness when I have helped someone else. That is why I am excited to take the opportunity to volunteer at UKEF. I am beyond curious to see how this school works and how I can help this inspiring foundation.

This trip to Uganda is for me also about discovering, so I can explore the many more places in this world. I want to see this culture and country with my own eyes, in order to form my own opinion instead of taking over the opinion of others. By seeing Uganda with my own eyes, my world will grow a little. This enables me to see how privileged I am and it will help me to get my own life into perspective.

At the moment it is my goal to become a doctor, someone who is there where she is needed. Whenever I see commercials of Doctors Without Borders who are helping refugees, I wish to be there and help them. These kind of commercials give me goose bumps , I feel drawn to them. I want to be someone who makes it her life goal to cure people. I have the feeling that volunteering at UKEF will help me to gain more experience and that it will be very educative. I enjoy playing with children and want to help them with their education and development. I don’t give up easily and I am an extremely motivated person  with lots of empathy and I know for sure that I am a good fit for the foundation.

Joline van Wegen


My name is Floor Borghans and I am 16 years old. I live in Colmont and I study at Sintermeerten. I am going on an international internship this year, because I do billingual education. I am leaving for Uganda in February together with Anne, Gwen and Joline.

A year ago, miss Romano (who was my English teacher at that time) told us for the first time about the international internship. She also said that we could consider going to Uganda. Nestar was going to give a presentation about UKEF at Sintermeerten. I was instantly hooked. After a few mails, it was certain: we are going on international internship to Uganda.

It’s a challenge for me to see how people live in another country. To me, the  different lifestyles en cultures are very interesting. I think it’s amazing that I get the chance to experience this. The most wonderful thing is of course living and eating with the locals and helping the teachers of the primary school.

I am looking forward to leaving for Uganda! Nestar and Ed, thank you for this amazing chance.

Floor Borghans


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