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Why Kitgum, Uganda?

Kitgum district suffered the worst effects of not only the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels’ insurgency with thousands of people losing their lives and many others forced to live under dehumanizing conditions in internally displaced people’s (IDPs) camps but also the tribal cattle raids of neighbouring Karamojong pastoralist.

kitgum map1With the silence of the gun, the lives of the people who survived the armed conflict, displacement and subsequent loss of access to their agrarian-based livelihood system in the district; have experienced significant changes towards recovery.

uganda map 1

Many people have returned to their ancestral homes and embraced the challenges of rebuilding their lives and communities while living conditions remain basic. The population depends largely on firewood as the main source of energy. Access to clean drinking water remains limited with many families having to walk long distances to fetch clean drinking water. Land disputes are rampant as families and clans try to demarcate their land from their neighbours after over 2 decades of displacement. Many children in the district have no access to basic formal education despite the existence of Universal Primary Education (UPE) in theory.


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